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Direct Marketing Strategy Checklists

Creating a solid marketing strategy is an essential first step for success. To put it in military terms, it’s your war plan. After all, you can’t fight a battle until you’ve mapped out a strategy for the war. And while it’s a complex process, having an overview of what’s involved can help you stay on track. That’s exactly what these checklists are designed to help you do.

Marketing Plan Checklist
This checklist helps guide you through the big-picture steps of creating your overall marketing plan.

  • Define the big picture with an overview of your key goals in an executive summary.
  • Gather relevant market data, including economic trends, marketing environment and industry analysis.
  • Describe your target audience with demographic data and buyer personas.
  • Set goals for your marketing efforts, both qualitative targets (build brand awareness) and quantitative, measurable objectives (increase sales 10%).
  • State your unique selling proposition – what makes you different from your competition?
  • List and describe the marketing tactics you plan to use.
  • Outline your marketing budget and budget distribution.

Marketing Campaign Checklist
This checklist walks you through the strategy of starting a new direct marketing campaign, such as acquisition, retention or win-back campaign.

  • Describe the objectives for your campaign – Do you want to make sales or simply generate responses?
  • Acquire your list – Who are the target prospects for this campaign?
  • Create your selling strategy – What is the prospect need or want you can satisfy?
  • Define your offer – What action do you want your prospect to take?
  • Set your creative strategy – What types of creative (copywriting, design) will your prospects respond to?
  • Outline your main message – What benefits will you present to spur your prospects to action?
  • Create your response mechanism – What ways will prospects respond to your offer?
  • Gather production details – How many copies do you need, how will you track responses, what is the timetable for production?
  • Get legal in line – What legal disclaimers do you need to include?
  • Define success – How will you measure your results and at what point will you break even?
  • Create a test plan – How will you incorporate testing into this campaign and future campaigns?

Shawn Harding

Shawn Harding is Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at Infinity Direct. Let the head coach of Team Infinity help develop your game plan by contacting him at
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